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The Fund for Global Human Rights supports efforts to increase respect for human rights and restore democratic norms in Thailand, particularly the ability of people to voice various political views, express diverse identities, and protect their natural resources.

Political turmoil has been the norm in Thailand for the past 15 years. Criticism of the military and other freedoms of expression are severely restricted, and those who dare to speak out risk imprisonment or death. Many in rural or indigenous communities have little to no decision-making power in how their land is used. As a result, large-scale agricultural and industrial development threatens their health, economic stability, and even their homes. While LGBTQ people have made some strides toward equality, deep-seated bias and a lack of protections still exist.

Despite the challenges, resilient Thai activists work tirelessly to push for fundamental freedoms and to promote economic, environmental, and political justice for marginalized people.

The Fund supports a dozen organizations in Thailand. These groups educate people about how to secure their land rights and protect their natural resources and livelihoods, secure equal rights for LGBTQ people, and bolster efforts to safeguard those who bravely demand essential freedoms.

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