Photo: Betsy Karel

Sub-Saharan Africa

The Fund currently supports over 100 organizations in six different countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. We’re currently working in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone in West Africa, and Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Uganda in the African Great Lakes. Over a decade of grant-making in Sub-Saharan Africa has shown us just how critical human rights funding can be in precarious situations.

Years ago in post-war Liberia and Sierra Leone, we took great risks to find and fund emerging activists with little experience who are now influencing national policy and improving conditions on the ground. We’ve stood by civil society in countries like Guinea and Burundi, where human rights movements are relatively small, but the need for change is great due to extreme poverty, years of authoritarian rule, and ethnic conflict. Our support in Uganda has given activists defending the rights of LGBTI individuals the resources they needed in the most difficult times. And despite devastating conflict in the Congo, we’ve given a lifeline to the individuals on the ground who are building respect for human rights.

Progress in these countries depends on the bravery and dedication of activists, and the Fund remains as committed to their causes as they are.