Photo: Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights

North Africa

The Fund supports over thirty organizations in North Africa through its grants programs in Morocco and Tunisia. Since the widespread protests known as the Arab Spring were sparked in early 2011, our careful analysis of the situation on the ground in each country has informed where and how we direct funding and other support to have the greatest impact.

Our grantees in Morocco and Tunisia are tackling similar legacies of corruption and impunity for human rights abuses committed by authoritarian regimes. In some cases there has been room for reform. In Morocco, our grantees have put laws on the books granting better protections to Amazigh communities, women, and migrants, while in Tunisia civil society worked with the new government to draft a rights-respecting constitution.

Driving progress in all of these countries has required the Fund to respond to the needs of our grantees at every turn, from investing in a multi-year capacity building program for a new generation of activists in Tunisia to developing security plans for activists under threat. Our commitment is relentless, and we won’t stop until we see relevant, lasting change in North Africa.