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The Fund for Global Human Rights partners with the people of Myanmar to promote respect for human rights and seek justice for past and ongoing abuses as the country navigates an uncertain transition to democracy and peace.

Nearly a decade since the implementation of a military-led plan that established new democratic institutions while maintaining the military’s control, Myanmar’s people face a rocky path to realizing true reform. State-condoned violence remains an ever-present threat, particularly against women and the Rohingya and other religious and ethnic minority groups. Nearly a million people have been displaced by armed conflict and systematic targeting of ethnic minorities, such as the Rohingya and Karen communities.

Many of the human rights challenges in Myanmar also have significant impact upon the ability of marginalized groups to secure rights to land and to achieve self-determination. Agriculture is the focus of nearly two-thirds of the country’s economy.

Despite the obstacles, the people of Myanmar who have been affected by exploitation, violence, and poverty continue to seek justice and a voice in reshaping their country.

The Fund supports 16 organizations in Myanmar. These community-based groups work to protect land and natural resource rights of rural and indigenous people, build women’s social equality and political participation, document ongoing human rights abuses, and promote respect and understanding across ethnic and religious groups.

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