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The Fund for Global Human Rights works with Moroccan people and communities to claim their rights to economic opportunity and freedom of expression to create a more politically inclusive society.

Morocco, a constitutional monarchy since its independence from France in 1956, is politically stable but has experienced human rights challenges related to economic inequality, corruption, restrictions on freedom of expression and assembly, and gender-based violence and discrimination. Many of the protections promised in the constitution do not reach marginalized members of the population, such as women, indigenous Amazigh people, and migrants, robbing them of their dignity and opportunity.

Among its people—particularly young people who feel alienated by the country’s politics and unemployment—there is a strong desire to foster positive change and to involve all people in Morocco’s economic and political systems. This aim is not always echoed in the political structures, where those in power view change with suspicion, resulting in slow, measured reform.

The Fund supports 16 community organizations in Morocco. With our partnership, Amazigh communities are mounting legal opposition to land grabs, women are learning about how to exercise their rights to safety and economic independence, and activists are developing youth leadership, monitoring rights violations, and demanding justice reforms.

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