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The Fund for Global Human Rights supports the work of Liberian activists and local organizations who work to promote children’s rights and advocate for communities’ rights to land and environmental justice.

Nearly 14 years of civil war in Liberia claimed more than 200,000 lives and displaced a third of the population. When the conflict ended in 2003, the Fund began supporting community groups in seeking accountability for human rights abuses and incorporating human rights in new policies and legislation. However, high levels of poverty persist, leaving many without access to adequate housing, schools, or healthcare. Girls in particular face cultural and economic barriers to completing their education. Additionally, rural communities living on or near land rich in iron ore, diamonds, gold, or other valuable resources often find themselves bearing witness to the destruction of their agriculture, cultural sites, and forests by corporate mining or agrobusiness.

Since the conclusion of the civil war, Liberians have organized into a robust community of activists, grassroots organizations, and local leaders who continue to bravely push for social and economic change.

The Fund supports seven organizations in Liberia. Those focused on corporate accountability and land rights provide legal representation and build awareness for communities protecting their lands and natural resources, while promoting environmentally and socially sustainable development. The Fund’s children’s rights grantees work with young people and local communities to challenge violence against children and promote access to quality healthcare and education.

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