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The Fund for Global Human Rights is committed to ensuring that Honduras’ people have the power to demand transparency and justice from the government and that they have the necessary resources to live peaceful, healthy, and economically stable lives.

In Honduras, a small segment of the country’s population controls most of the its wealth and businesses, leaving most people to face high unemployment rates, lack of access to quality education, and challenges to their land rights. Endemic corruption and barriers to justice have eroded trust in legal systems and the government. High rates of domestic violence and sexual assault, plus harsh restrictions on reproductive rights, hinder women’s lives and wellbeing. Those who dare to speak truth to power—especially journalists, LGBTQ advocates, and defenders of indigenous communities—often face intimidation or violence. Honduras’ combination of poverty and oppression results in the migration of 120,000 people annually.

Despite increasing restrictions on activism, grassroots groups in Honduras are courageously demanding accountability and economic and social change that shifts power and opportunity back to everyday people.

The Fund supports more than a dozen organizations in Honduras. These resilient, bold activists work to ensure informed and compensated consent for use of indigenous and rural communities’ land and resources, confront violence against women, advocate for migrants’ rights and address root causes of migration, document and prosecute hate crime against LGBTQ people, and increase freedom of expression.

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