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The Fund for Global Human Rights supports activists working with migrants in France to protect their rights of migrants in seeking asylum and advocate for respect-based policies throughout the Mediterranean.

Tens of thousands of people have migrated to France in recent years, desperate to secure a future free of oppression, famine, or war. Many live on the streets or in makeshift tent camps, without adequate medical care or housing. Families separated along the journey or left behind often have little to no recourse to information or justice if a loved one dies at sea or while detained.

As a part of the Fund’s commitment to protecting the rights of people on the move, including those fleeing violence and crippling poverty, we work with several human rights groups in France dedicated to ensuring that migrants have access to legal assistance. Fund grantees based in France document and analyze the effect of current migration policies throughout the Mediterranean, provide legal support to asylum seekers, and create digital tools to help families access information about relatives suspected to have died in transit.

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