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The Fund for Global Human Rights supports Burundian human rights activists working toward a peaceful, reconciled, and de-traumatized society whose citizens are the driving force behind the country’s civil, political, economic, and social rights and who participate in decision-making processes at all levels.

Burundi enjoyed only seven years (2008-2015) of stability after more than four decades of cyclical political conflict and mass violence. In 2015, a failed electoral transition resulted in a political crisis, a new outbreak of violence, and increased isolation and restrictions on activist groups and independent media. Many Burundians remain vulnerable to poverty, violence (including sexual assault), forced disappearance, and land conflicts. More than 400,000 people have fled the country since 2015.

Burundian organizations, both within the country and in exile, steadfastly carry on their work addressing the human rights violations of the present and the past, demanding justice and socio-economic equality in a country that receives little international attention.

The Fund supports more than 10 grassroots groups in Burundi, helping them remain nimble and resilient. They work to bring education to and strengthen the social and economic futures of children, women, and indigenous populations—who are among the most affected by violence, rising poverty rates, and widespread corruption.

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