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Our Impact

Since our founding in 2002, and with the support of generous donors, the Fund for Global Human Rights has invested more than £76 million to advance the efforts of brave, resilient activists. With our backing, these nimble, on-the-ground groups create lasting change that strengthens communities and transforms lives.

We have supported more than 800 organisations in 57 countries.

Here are some of the victories our partners have achieved:

When families in a Thai village began experiencing health problems related to lead exposure and water pollution from a nearby factory, a Fund-supported organisation launched a decade-long legal battle. In response, Thai courts ordered the facility’s parent company to compensate residents and clean up the affected creek. A 2013 ruling also required the state to create protection plans before permitting any factory operations that could pose health and environmental risks.

Thirty years after members of the Guatemalan military murdered and sexually assaulted members of an indigenous community, two Fund grantees provided legal and psychological support to Q’eqchi women who brought perpetrators to justice. In 2016, as a result of their efforts, a retired army officer and former paramilitary were convicted and sentenced to a combined 360 years in prison for their crimes. This was the first time that a national court prosecuted wartime sexual slavery that occurred within its own borders.

In 2018, India’s Supreme Court struck down a colonial-era legal provision used to criminalise same-sex relations. The Indian government had attempted to use the law to justify harassment, discrimination in education, employment, and housing, and even violence against LGBTI people. Challenging these actions, several Fund-backed groups mobilised their communities and helped garner critical support for the Supreme Court’s landmark decision.

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