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New threats against human rights
defenders require new kinds of protection

Human rights organizations and funders in Latin America need to rethink how they protect defenders in light of increasing threats from non-state actors and impunity encouraged by the state.   By Padre Melo July 11, 2017 This post originally appeared on OpenGlobalRights website; article reposted with permission. Beyond the tragic stories and shocking statistics of environmental and […]

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Internationally Engaged Foundations: Coping with the Disabling Environment

Over the past several years, internationally engaged foundations have faced unprecedented challenges from governments around the world. This is just one element of the ‘closing space’ or the ‘disabling environment’ for international philanthropy. Whatever you name it, there are forces at work that are challenging the very existence of civil society.

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Navigating the Access to Information Challenge in Health Rights Litigation in Uganda

Namusobya Salima Executive Director of Fund Grantee Initiative for Social and Economic Rights is published in the Health and Human Rights Journal. Read her article on health rights litigation in Uganda.

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