The Global Siege on Civil Society

Dozens of governments are adopting means to limit the activities of NGOs and impede their access to foreign funds. Beijing, for example, just passed a law that restricts the activities of foreign NGOs and subjects them to police investigation. Unfortunately, the Chinese communist party is just one of many governments to do so. Indeed, this law is part of a robust, international trend of similar legislation implemented by politicians that fear the interference of foreigners as well as civil society’s unprecedented capacity to mobilize — which is due in part to new technologies.

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Closing Space for Civil Society and Cross-Border Philanthropy

Members of the Ariadne-IHRFG Donor Working Group on Cross-Border Philanthropy, including Fund staff David B. Mattingly and Poonam Joshi, discuss the worrying trend around the world of legislation that puts restrictions on funding and narrows the space for civil society organizations.

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North Africa

The Fund supports over thirty organizations in North Africa through its grants programs in Morocco and Tunisia. Since the widespread protests known as the Arab Spring were sparked in early 2011, our careful analysis of the situation on the ground in each country has informed where and how we direct funding and other support to have […]

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