Video: Activists need new tools to protect themselves


A record number of activists are being killed in Latin America – and old methods of security aren’t working. How do we protect activists facing threats from shadowy actors and complicit governments?

To begin answering this question, the Fund for Global Human Rights and Just Associates (JASS) brought together activists from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and Colombia as well as international organizations in January of this year. The groups homed in on the changing needs of human rights defenders in light of the increasing trend of non-state actors attacking activists.

This new context for activists requires new tools. The groups concluded that human rights defenders need more sophisticated methods to detect and prevent attacks, and support for collective, community-led protection approaches. In a blog for OpenGlobalRights, Honduran activist Padre Melo, who attended the convening, offers insights on how activists are targeted and ways to protect against these tactics.

Below are the full interviews (in Spanish, with an English transcription) with activists who attended the convening in Mexico City:


Read the report here in English:
Protection of Human Rights Defenders against Non-State Actors: Context, Analysis and Strategies

Lea el informe en español aquí:
Protección de Personas Defensoras de Derechos Humanos frente a Actores No Estatales: Contexto, Contexto, Análisis y Estrategias