Helping displaced farmers in Burma protect their communities

When I asked Min Min, the Executive Director of Olive Branch, how he would describe his work, he said “We help local people to help themselves in defending and claiming their fundamental rights and freedoms…our ultimate goal is that local people take an active role in defending and promoting their own rights.”

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Q&A with Hoa Duong and Amy Morris

The Fund’s Program Director Amy Morris and Program Officer for Southeast Asia Hoa Duong recently traveled to Burma, where the Fund began its grants program in 2012. We sat down with Amy and Hoa to hear about their trip and ask how Burma and the program have changed in two years. Q: Amy, this was […]

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Southeast Asia

The Fund supports over thirty organizations through its Southeast Asia program in Burma, the Philippines, and Thailand. Our approach to grant-making—providing flexible support and the freedom to use it as needed—has been critical to human rights organizations in these counties who have responded with innovation and urgency to changing realities on the ground. Burma, the […]

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